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The follow are some frequently asked questions about SK OptionTrader.

If the answer to your query does not appear below, feel free to contact us.

What makes you different from other services?

There are a number of answers here. Firstly, we target risk management rather than outright returns, meaning that we believe each of our trades holds positive risk reward dynamics. We also run a model portfolio with our own capital and suggested allocation accompanying every recommendation.

Are you paid to promote any particular companies?

No, we feel that this would compromise the integrity of our trading decisions.

Why did you close to new clients in August 2013 and February 2016?

At this point demand for SK OptionTrader had grown to the point where more subscribers may have caused liquidity issues, so limited our numbers. We have now expanded to new markets and trading vehicles, which means that we can increase our client base by a limited amount without fear of liquidity being an issue for sometime.

Will you close to new clients again?

Most likely yes, if we see any issue that may compromise our service for existing clients, then we will close our doors once more.

How many subscribers do you have?

We do not publish any details about our clients, including the number that we have.

Where can I see your past performance?

You can view our entire trading record by just clicking here.

Why do you suggest a percentage allocation with each trade?

This makes our model portfolio more realistic and allows us to report our return on capital; the percentage return one would have gained having allocated a set amount of money to our trading signals, as opposed to the profits on individual trades.

Why don’t many other newsletters report their return on capital?

We don’t know. We view it as one of the most important figures for judging the performance of any trading or investment service.

Do I need a PayPal account to subscribe?

All of our online payments are processed via PayPal, so to subscribe online via credit card or bank account you will need to have PayPal. Alternatively we do accept payments via cheque or cashiers cheque. Please see our sign up page for more information.

What sort of brokerage account do I need to follow your signals?

Since all of our trading signals involve options trading in US markets, you will need a broker who allows you to trade US options. Such brokers include Thinkorswim, Etrade and many others.

Do you offer any free trials or money back guarantees?

No, we do not offer any free trials since we feel such a policy would be open to abuse.

Why don’t you offer free trials?

The reasons we don't offer free trials are as follows:

a) A free trial for say 30 days is not sufficient to judge how good any service actually is, unless perhaps it is day trading, which we are not.

b) People may subscribe with one email, cancel after 29 days, then re-subscribe under a different email and repeat to get a free ride.

c) People may sign up who have very little interest in options, since it’s free and costs them nothing. So they may sign up, cancel after say 10 days, and we are stuck with the admin cost of processing those subscriptions and cancellations, when the person never really had any serious intention of subscribing.

d) $499 is a relatively small amount of money to risk over a 6 month period. People who are not prepared to risk that amount of money generally would not have the risk tolerance for options trading, so would not be suited to our service.

If you’re trading record is so good, why does the service only cost $499?

We like to offer good value for money and keep our service open to a variety of investors and traders, not simply those who can afford hefty subscription fees. We do not flood our subscribers with masses of research; spending money on colourful reports and flashy logos. Instead we keep our emails frank and to the point, with a strong focus on actionable information and the bottom line, since our top priority is delivering results. By cutting such overheads we are able to offer subscriptions at a lower price.

I live outside the US; can I still make use of your signals?

Provided that you have a brokerage account that allows you to trade US options, you can make use of our signals from all over the world.  Brokerages such as Etrade and Thinkorswim accept accounts from non-US residents.

Where are you based?

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, at the moment.

Do I need to be glued to my computer screen 24/7 to ensure I don’t miss any of your signals?

Whilst we suggest that you check your email regularly for our updates and trading signals, there is no need to do this constantly. Before we place any trade, we give advanced warning of what we intend to do in our updates to subscribers.  For example over the weekend we may send out an update saying we intend to buy option XYZ on Monday when markets open. Therefore provided you read the email over the weekend, you know when we are going to send the trading signal, and so can just be at your computer at that time to see the specifics.

Can I call you to discuss something?

We do not give out our phone number to subscribers. However we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have via email, endeavouring to reply to every email within 24 hours.

I have an open position, but I am not sure what to do with it, can I ask you about it?

Sorry but we cannot give individual investment advice.

What are the tax implications of these trades?

We are not tax advisors and so are not qualified to give advice in this area. We suggest you contact a qualified person to discuss such matters, one who is knowledgeable about your tax jurisdiction.

Who is involved in the team at SK Options Trading?

Please see our About Us section for more information.

Do you give both buy, and sell signals?

SK OptionTrader includes both buy, and sell signals, as well as stop orders when we see fit to use them. We also offer a percentage allocation with each trade and run a model portfolio in accordance with our trading signals.

Why can’t I use the recommendations on Stock Trader by Gold Prices?

You can, however this service recieves none of our analysis or trading signals directly. While we occasionally share resources, our services are different with seperate goals and methodology.