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Here are some of the comments from SK OptionTrader subscribers, to give you an idea about what our subscribers think about the service:

"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I like your SK Options Trading Service. I have more than doubled my money in less than four months. I like the way you explain your thinking (calmly and with deliberation), deliver the recommendations, and manage the stops...all in easy to understand language. Also the price for the service is very reasonable for small traders like me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!"


"good call... thanks for the trade.. I made about $1100.

You guys earn your keep.

Keep up the good work."


"You all have done a very good job.  Thanks for all the timely updates!"


"Many thanks!  And thanks for the great rec's.   Huge payoffs."


"I am responding to your request for feedback. I think everything you are doing is just perfect. I just had a learning curve to interpret how to make trades and things like missing out on an alert and instead of losing out because the price went up learning that I could put in the same price you set and just waiting to see if it caught a limit order later in the day and be maybe even lower than the email alert you sent. Thank you for your service"


"Keep the killer profits coming. All else is meaningless!"


"I joined your service on Oct. 29,2010 . On Nov. 1 you already had 5 buys so put a small amount in each to try out your service. During that week most of the options rose as much as 100% to 145%. On Nov 9 gold and silver had a good pull back and everything hit the stops and sold. However, the original $3500 investment earned $2400 which is about 69% in 9 days. This is quite a new experience compared to any service I have ever subscribed to and there have been a lot. Thank you for your fine work"


"I just renewed my subscription after only a 2 day lapse... you guys are fantastic! every bit of info you've provided me with has been most useful, and profitable. i'd like to make sure i haven't missed anything, and i certainly plan to stay on board with you guys indefinitely. Thanks again!"


"I've only been with you a short time. Your trading signals are TIMELY. That is the ONLY important thing in my humble opinion, when trading these kinds of markets. Also, you're good at trend identification for UNUSUAL reasons and insight when economic paradoxes (such as the current dollar/euro/Ireland/gold trade) present (and they often do). I've also learned about "layering: into the trade to reduce risk and maximize profitability, as well as good stopping procedures from you guys. In short, you provide a good practical and profitable education in the correct application of options trades for the relative beginner to the seasoned trader. Keep up the good work guys."


"Hi Guys So far so good. You definitely seem to have the discipline imposed to make your venture a success and that's why I signed up. I have followed you for quite some time and am impressed with your green thumbs!"


"As a recent subscriber I have found your trading format simple and easy to execute. I did very well on the last packet of GLD & SLV options. Also appreciate your explanation on the reasons for the moves. Keep up the good work."


"Great job!"


"Sam, You are doing a great job!!! I made some great money last month!! Thanks Very Much."


"Hey Guys: That was one wild ride!! I wanted to thank you for your right on calls during this awesome run up in GLD and SLV. I have traded options for many years. Your option selections are great and providing the right advise at the right time are excellent. Instead of playing fast and loose your reco’s gave me good guidelines for planning my stops and eventual exits. I had 30 Jan 11 SLV $30 calls bought at 16cents that I sold for $1.20 . Keep up the good work."


"Greetings! Let me just say that I've been investing for a long time, making some, then losing some. For awhile it was mostly "losing some" as my nascent trading strategies fell by the wayside time after time. Your SKOptionstrading offer was my "last attempt" at leveraging my portfolio. I've used other well known option trading services and lost $$$ from the start. In fact, I told my wife when I subscribed to your service, that it would be my "last attempt". I am very happy to say that this is the first time that I have actually made significant gains trading options, and in such a short time! Thank you! :-)"


"Great service. Cleared $30k in the first three weeks. Questions get quick reply. Thank you."


"I have been with your service since 10/30/2010 and feel very comfortable working with you. Admire your expertise and although their are no guarantees, I feel confident with your service. Thanks."


"Thank you sir.   You guys do a great job. "


"Hi SK Options Trading Team,

For a service as good as yours I feel compelled to give some feedback.

I like the simple manner in which you operate:

You announce an upcoming trade clearly and well in advance, which gives a trader enough time to set up the deal.

You send out a timely email to execute the deal.

You announce stops and/or the upcoming close of positions well in advance, keeping the trader on alert.

You send out a timely email to execute the take profit deal. (Admittedly twice I jumped the gun, as I was so deep in profit I thought it was prudent to lock in profits.)

I trade a lot on my own private account, and your service is a welcome and profitable addition to my portfolio.

Even as a novice – if you are not completely stupid and have a bit of stamina – it would be easy and straightforward to follow the recommendations given.

An excellent service – thanks for the profits so far!"


"Your service is outstanding.  The only trades I've regretted since subscribing are a couple that I've done outside of your guidance.  In one or two cases I've taken a position that you did not and watched it perform poorly and in several other cases I've considered doing so and been amazed to see that I'd have lost substantially if I had. I've experienced your good judgment from both sides and, at least for now, have decided that you know considerably better than I.

Thanks much for your help"



"Love the service!





I have subscribed to numerous news letters over the past years. Yours is hands down the best, no BS, just to the point, clear direction on what you are doing.

Thanks for the great advice, I'm making money with your help.

Thank You




Love the service and recommendations are bang on

Keep up the good work!

Best regards"



"I like the minimalist presentation as it currently is. My Blackberry can’t display HTML so adding eye-candy graphics would be a waste as all I would see is garbage and it would detract from the point of the email: Quick presentation of information.   Thanks"



"Hi Traders,

I am thrilled with the closeout of the last batch of option trades, having made slightly over 100% on 20K invested in 10 of your recommendations, and all in what seemed like just several days.  
Good trading. . . ."


"Hi, I just started with skoptiontrading after following the gold reports record of trades for some time, actually a long time. I was to say the least impressed with the stats and could only hope for the same success following skoption's moves. I subscribed and got in the last reco's pullback on gold. Wow! the reco's immediately paid for the subscription +++plus, I don't have to tell you that. Now I'm excited and look forward with anticipation to the future of options trading. I'm all ears"


"SK options trading is the simplest and most effective trade signals for Gold and Silver. Along with the signals they also give specific reasons for their exit and stops. Love the service. Made alot of profits becasue of them over the last 6 months. Thanks."



I can only say positive things about SK options trading. Since

subscribing to this service I have actually earned over 60 percent on

an average trading options.

Your buy and sell signals are very timely and easy to follow. I had

never traded options prior to sub scribing to SK Options Trading and

just in the past 2 months I have realized significant gains, just

following what your e-mails recommend

Not only you give the buy and sell signals at the right time, you also

explain the fundamentals clearly- so I have been able to make an

informed decision. Your service is worth 10 times of value compared to

the 6 months subscription price.

Keep up the great job!"


"I was expecting to be crowded out of any or all recommendations because too many people were following.

That has not happened, and I am pleased."


"Been following SK's Gold and Silver Newsletters for 2 yrs+ and have been impressed with their performance and timing of the metals market. Jumped on board just recently and though my account wasn't fully funded in time, but the virtual trades made $6k in a few weeks time.  Now I'm "all in" with the latest list and really pleased with the results so far.  Just follow their instructions and don't 2nd guess SK....they are 95% right so far this year!"