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Your Money Back If Gold Doesn’t Trade Above $1500 in 2011 

We think gold prices are heading higher, much higher, in 2011.

Subscribers to our premium options trading service SK OptionTrader know this and are in the perfect position to benefit from our trading signals.

So confident are we of this that we are offering a special deal on our premium options trading service, OptionTrader, which reflects our bullishness.

If you sign up to a 12 month OptionTrader subscription from now until the end of January 2011, we will refund your $179 fee if gold prices do not trade above $1500 in 2011.

Look at is this way, if we are wrong this costs you nothing as your fee is fully refunded.

If we are right, then you have paid for a service that has correctly forecast the movement of the market, something that is well worth paying for.

Our full trading record can be viewed here and you can see some example of our trades here

We have closed 61 trades, with 59 winners and just two losses. Our average gain per trade is 43.78% including losses, with the average trade being held for 42.31 days. Our annualised return on investment is 86.98% and our return on capital since inception is 131.67% based on our model portfolio, without reinvestment of profits.

With reinvesting profits, $10,000 invested in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals, our model portfolio would now be worth $30,301.84.

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