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Welcome to SK Options Trading

Welcome to SK OptionTrader, the winning service with an annualized return of 86.35%! You can be part of our service for just the low cost of just $2.19 a day. With $1000 invested in an average trade returning 35.84% you could have made returns of $358.41 - in just one average trade!

SK OptionTrader has generated fantastic performance, with 447.55% growth in our model portfolio since inception, does your portfolio have similar returns?

If it does not, then you should ask yourself why you are not a subscriber. Your $10,000 options trading portfolio could now be worth $54,755.18! This is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Our trading record shows that if you invested just $1500 in our average trade with returns of 36.17%, you could have made $1500 x 35.84% = $537.60

This would have easily paid for your new 6 month susbcription - in just one average trade!

Just recently in Januray 2012, SK Option Trader subscribers were able to bank profits of 71.58% when we closed our GLD $155/$150 vertical put spread position. You could have had this position in your portfolio and enjoying similiar profits if you were a subscriber.

Looking back a bit further, in August 2011 when global markets were in turmoil, after just 24 days, we closed a trading signal (Long GLD Mar 2012 $180 calls) with a massive profit of 197.14%! 

SK OptionTrader subscribers were happy to enjoy these fantastic profits from a position with limited downside risk.

And the profits didn't just start there..

In May 2011 we closed our GLD $155 18-Jun-11 Calls at an incredible 116.67% profit... well as our GLD $155 Jun 18 '11 Calls with gains of 108.52% for our subscribers..

Another example would be in November 2010 when our GLD $140 Jan-11 Calls positions allowed us to double our susbcribers money in just 6 days! 

 Through careful analysis of the market situation and various models, such as our gold and US real rates model, we have delivered 89 trades at a profit out of a total of 98, that is a success rate of 90.8%!

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As the graph below shows, last year we outperformed the two main sectors we trade: gold and silver, by a huge margin! 

Not only this but our returns vastly outperformed both the HUI, and the S&P! 

Did you?

If the answer is no, then it would make sense to take this opportunity to get on board and subscribe now.

We see opportunities to trade arising left, right and center, with action from the Federal Reserve and changes in the market, SK OptionTrader susbcribers could be in for another fantastic year.

If you have a service that is generating you better returns than SK OptionTrader is, then please let us know. If not, then all you have to do is subscribe to be on the winning team that uses both long and short positions to outperform the market and deliver superios returns by utilizing options trading strategies to optimize the risk-reward dynamics of each trade.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

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