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Yet Another Win For SK OptionTrader, Subscribers bank 15.91%

SK Options Trading has closed out the month by closing another profitable trade, this time for 15.91%! We opened the year with a winning trade that outperformed the S&P; and now we have done it again, this time by more than double!

On November 28th 2012 we signalled “to buy SSO shares at $57.88 with 5% of our portfolio allocated to this trade” as part of our strategy to increase our long exposure to US equities. SSO is a doubled leveraged ETF that corresponds to twice the performance of the S&P; therefore we expected to outperform equities 2 to 1.

 We chose to take “profit on our SSO trade and hereby signal to close the position at $67.09” on January 30th 2013, for a total of 15.91% in 63 days, meaning that we generated returns that were 216% of those of the S&P!

Over the same time period the S&P rose 7.36%, meaning that our doubled leveraged position should have risen 14.72%; however the careful timing of our trading team allowed us to enter and exit the position at the more favourable points during the day. This boosted returns for our subscribers by 1.19%, meaning that we had gained even more leverage without any added downside!

Trades like this and our VXX trade earlier this month are what is in store for SK OptionTrader subscribers. If you had invested $2000 in both trades then you would have more than paid for a 6 month subscription. In fact trading just 100 SSO shares in accordance with this signal would have paid for a 6 month subscripiton nearly twice over!

2013 holds many more exciting opportunities like this, so don’t let yourself miss out any longer. You can sign up today through either of the buttons below and get access to our portfolio and market views today!


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