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SK OptionTrader is Up 7.37% as Gold Falls

We saw gold dip to below the $1600 level, closing out the day at $1609.50. This means that gold has fallen over 4.5% so far this year, a time period where SK OptionTrader is up 7.37%! Not only have we made significant profits while gold has fallen, but all of our closed trades so far this year, our short VXX position and our long SSO trades, were closed at a profit.

Our portfolio currently holds four new positions, opened just this week, all of which are in profit. Comparing the change in these positions with gold this week, which lost 2.4%, we can see that SK OptionTrader is significantly outperforming gold.

This performance means that if someone had signed up a week ago and invested $1000 in each of the positions that were signalled this week, they would be up $714.80, more than paying for your 6 month subscription in less than a week! This is from positions that we believe are going to show more gains in the future, so your potential profits could have been much, much more. If you subscribe now you will find out what these positions are.

In fact on a year to date basis SK OptionTrader is outperforming not only gold, but the S&P, the DOW, The HUI, and GDX as well. Regardless of your chosen trading vehicle at this time, there is a good chance that you could increase its potential profitability through the use of SK Option Trader.

The versatility of options and the trading strategies available to us based on our in depth market analysis make this kind of performance possible. To see what it is that we are doing right now, all you have to do sign up through either of the buttons below. Once you are a subscriber, you will have access to this information and to our model portfolio; currently outperforming, stocks, gold stocks, and gold.

Our model portfolio is up 418.99% since inception and we have an annualized return of 60.28%. We have executed 155 trades, 86.09% of our trades have been closed at a profit with each trade returning 29.25% on average.

We have an auto trading program available for those subscribers who are interested.

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