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Over 50% Profit in 7 Days, SK OptionTrader Wins Again

It’s our third consecutive win in the early months of 2013, and this time we made a profit of 53.33% in just 7 days! We believed that gold and silver would both continue to fall significantly, and that Coeur d’Alene would be vulnerable to such a fall.

This is in stark contrast to many other newsletters that have been recommending to buy gold and silver stocks.

Therefore we signalled to our subscribers to “buy CDE Sep 21 '13 $20 Puts at $1.50 with 5% of our capital allocated” on February 12th; we believed that these puts in particular offered attractive risk reward dynamics.

Over the next 7 days there was a $46.70 drop in gold and a $1.64 fall in silver. This alone would have pushed our puts into profit. However, our gains were improved further when Coeur d’Alene made an effort (one that is now successful) to outbid First majestic for the takeover of Orko Silver. The resultant effect was a massive 13.4% drop in the Coeur d’Alene share price as investors thought they had paid too much.

A drop of 13.4% in the CDE share price pushed our puts up to profits of 53.33%. We decided to close out the position with these profits as the potential for gains had dropped. Thus we signalled “to sell to close our CDE Sep 21 '13 $20 Puts at $2.30” on February 19th, just 7 days after opening the position. This return means that if one had invested just $1000 in this trade then they would have more than paid for their 6 month subscription in just a week!

In closed trades alone our portfolio is up 5.86% in 2013, not to mention our currently open positions that are all showing profits. We are taking advantage of the current market carnage through positions, such as these, that are showing gains. You can find out exactly what these are by simply subscribing through either of the buttons below.

If you want to join a team that’s winning in these markets, don’t hesitate.


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