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SK Options Trading Closes 100 Profitable Trades

SK OptionTrader has hit a milestone with its latest trade, which outperformed the S&P by 70 times. This most recent trade marks our 100th profitable trade since the beginning of the service. These 100 profitable trades include our 59 trade winning streak, 8 trades where we doubled our money or more and winning trades of up to 197.14%.

We began our service with a long position on USO $40 October ’09 Puts on August 6th 2009, after just 25 days we signalled to our subscribers to take a profit of 11.63%. Through the remainder of 2009 all of our trades were winners, including a 90.91% gain on KGC $20 September ’09 Puts that we bought and sold in only 11 days. In just under 5 months of operations our model portfolio returned 23.56%.

2010 saw our first full year, and the beginning of our 59 trade, 9 month winning streak. Through our study of the inverse relationship between gold prices and US Real Rates we saw that a rally was due in gold; with this information we added GLD Calls to our portfolio. As gold rallied to all time highs we closed 4 trades with profits over 100% in October alone! Through the rest of the year we continued to close major profits on all of our trades, generating a total year to date profit of 116.99% for 2010!

Our unbroken run of winners continued into 2011 as we closed more profitable trades each month. By the end of our unbroken run in May 2011 we had closed 59 winning positions, 7 of which had more than doubled in value, and 23 that had made more than a 50% profit. Through the summer of 2011 we used our gold prices versus inverse real rates model to predict and take advantage of gold’s rally to all time highs; as those highs were hit we closed highs of our own.

On July 18th we purchased GLD Mar 17 ’12 $180 Calls for $3.50, just 24 days later we closed the same position for $10.40. A massive 197.14% profit generated for subscribers in less than 4 weeks! We continued to trade well for the year, closing 2011 with a year to date profit of 47.78%.

Another successful trading year began in 2012 as we closed profits of 33.97% and 71.58% for subscribers on January 27th. A relatively more uneventful year meant that we took advantage of Vertical Spread options trades, taking profits of 20.33%, 70.24% and 60.71% through August and September.  In December we had winners of 16.79% and 13.37%. Finally, we closed out the year with a 29.20% winner to boost our annualized return to 60.38%.

Now in 2013 we have closed our 100th winning trade, for a profit of 53.33% in just one week! This particular trade was on CDE Puts; over the same time period the stock fell 13.4%, meaning that we outperformed a short by more than 3 times over!

As of now we have an annualized return of 63.72%, our model portfolio is up 485.08% since inception, and 86.32% of our trades have been closed at a profit. On average a trade makes 31.02% in just 52.62 days, and you can have access to all of this for just $499 for 6 months, or $799 for 12 months. Join the winning team today by clicking either of the buttons below.


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