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New Markets Allow SK OptionTrader to Reopen To New Clients

During 2013 SK OptionTrader had a winning streak of 30 closed trades at a profit. This success lead to a dramatic increase in the demand for our service. As our client base grew we felt that we were fast approaching a point where the markets that we were trading, mainly gold based options trades, would not offer the liquidity for more subscribers to successfully enter the trades that we recommended. Therefore, we closed our service to new members in August.

In our market analysis, we noted that once the gold bear market reaches a bottom there will be considerably less trading opportunities there. Fortunately, however, there is a myriad of markets in which we can trade. The methods and skills that we have used to make a return of 855.77% in the gold market can be applied to others, including both in general equities and in the individual sectors. Throughout the last year we have investigated and made trades in the equities market, generating more profits each time.

This movement towards a greater percentage of trades outside of the gold sector means that the markets we trade will offer greater liquidity. In addition, we have been using a variety of different vehicles, along with options, to take positions, such as ETFs. This increase in available liquidity, has allowed us to safely offer a certain number of new places in our service to hopeful subscribers. However, once this is figure is reached we will close our doors again and monitor the effect that our subscriber base has on the positions we take. Unless we are sure that more clients will not have an effect on the existing clients’ ability to trade, we will not reopen our service.

Although we have increased the number of vehicles and markets in which we have been, and will be, trading in, we have not altered our methods for choosing trades. The careful analysis of the risk reward dynamics, the fundamental factors, and technical indicators will remain in place for all future trades. The discipline and patience that our trading team has used had to deliver a return of 855.77% since inception is ever resolute.

Our methods have yielded 30 winning trades and a year-to-date return of 92.28% in 2013. Prudent risk management always been our top priority and will remain so with expansion to new markets and trading methods. We intend to maintain the quality of our service for years to come and will take all necessary action to do so, including turning away new clients if there is a possibility that they could hinder the ability of current members to enter positions. Therefore, if you wish to receive the SK OptionTrader service, sign up via either of the buttons below while there are still places available.

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