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New Service Launched: Capital Momentum

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new trading service: Capital Momentum.

We have developed a proprietary trading model and in this service we use it to ascertain directional bias in sectors of the financial markets. From this, signals are produced and from these signals we determine the trades that are likely to perform well, given the directional signals indicated by the model. The name of the service is reflective of our trading strategy; we move capital to where our model indicates momentum is building in a particular direction.

For execution purposes we use long or short trades on ETFs. We allocate capital to each trade so performance can be measured on a portfolio basis. Whilst we never allocate more than 100% of our portfolio capital, short selling does involve the risk of unlimited losses. However, our trading discipline, combined with the construction of the model is focused on limiting losses and prudently managing risk.

We place our own capital into every trade we execute and every trade will be published once it is closed. Since this is a new service we are starting subscriptions at $99 for three months, less than $1.08 per day. Click below to sign up now.

Both our updates and trading signals contain only the required information to convey what direction the model is indicating and what trades we are executing. Therefore, subscribers do not have to wade through pages of research to find the key information regarding what trades we are making. Our trading signals are issued in real time via email.

Capital Momentum is purely a quantitative trading operative. Our other service, SK Option Trader, makes trades based on our view on markets built from fundamental and technical analysis, as well as weighing up risk reward dynamics. However, these views are not incorporated into Capital Momentum. Therefore, at times the positions taken by the two services may differ, since Capital Momentum trades independently and only uses the directional signals of our model to place trades.

The trading model has produces strong positive returns with low drawdowns over a number of years. We will publish the results of some of this back testing over the coming weeks. However, past performances is not always an indication of future results. We are confident in the strategy to invest our own capital. However, as always what subscribers do with their capital is a decision they must make on their own, with full understanding and financial advice from advisors if required.

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about Capital Momentum, please feel free to contact us.

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