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Money Back Holiday Special 2015

Since its inception SK OptionTrader has enjoyed positive performance in each year, with 2015 being no exception. Consistent profits have resulted in our portfolio returns of 1248.41%, with more than 90% of our closed trades making money. To celebrate our continued success we are offering a limited time only, money back special to all new subscribers.

If you sign up for a 12 month subscription before Christmas, then we will refund the full cost of your subscription if our return on closed trades by December 1st 2016 is negative.

This means that if our portfolio finishes lower between now and December next year, then your SK OptionTrader subscription will have cost you nothing. However, if our trades make money then you will have paid for a service that has correctly forecast market movement, which is exceptionally valuable information.

Subscribe for 12 months- $799

This time last year we offered the same opportunity to new subscribers. These subscribers have now experienced our performance first hand and have been provided with trading signals that have seen our portfolio grow 19.11% in 2015. It comes as no surprise that many of those who took advantage of our special offer last year are choosing to stay with us through 2016.

SK OptionTrader only issues trades that we make in our own portfolio, so our capital is on the line with every trading signal. Each position that we open is carefully considered to ensure that our number one goal, prudent risk management, is upheld. This ensures that the potential returns are maximised and any losses are minimized.

We back our trading strategies so confidently that we are willing to give SK OptionTrader away for free if they do not work.

The SK OptionTrader service has been active for over 5 years and has closed more than 178 trades in that time. Of these positions, more than 90% have made money. That’s correct, only 16 trades have ever lost money.

In fact, in the last 3 years we have only had one losing trade for the 65 winning trades made.

This consistent stellar performance has raised our overall return on capital to 1248.41%. This means that if one had invested $10,000 in accordance with each of our signals, then they could now have $134,841.14.

Subscribe for 12 months- $799

These trading signals, crafted to ensure risk reward dynamics are optimal, will be free to you if our portfolio finishes lower. If instead we have yet another profitable year, then they are yours for only $2.19 day.

That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee for access to a service with an annualized return of over 50% a year.

So join the winning team today, a year’s subscription is yours for only $799 if we make money or free if we finish down.

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