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50 Profitable Trades in a Row and Counting, SK OptionTrader Extends Win Streak

Last week SK OptionTrader closed two more profitable trades, bringing our current win streak to a total of 50 trades. That’s right. Over the last two years and 50 closed positions all of our trades have made a profit. These 50 trades each had a percentage allocation within our portfolio to ensure that risk was always prudently managed and that our subscribers could enter any and all positions that we had open. As a result, our model portfolio has gained 132.98% over the course of the streak.

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Although banking 50 winning trades in a row is a considerable feat, this is not the first time that SK OptionTrader has achieved this kind of success. Between August 2010 and May 2011 we took advantage of the rally in gold all-time highs. Key to this was our aggressive but measured use of GLD calls that, among with a complement of other long precious metals trades, allowed lock in 59 winning positions and for a massive 236.96% gain in our model portfolio.

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Now that we have broken through the 50 trade mark once more one might ask if our target is to extend the current streak to beat our previous record of 59. Although this would be a fantastic headline, headlines are not now, and have never been our target when trading.

Our first priority is always to ensure that risk is prudently managed. Once this has been achieved we then look to maximise overall returns. This means that we are willing to take losses on trades that we no longer believe have risk favourable reward dynamics, even if that means ending a winning streak. It is through this trading discipline that our portfolio has generated over 1000% gain since our founding in 2009.

Over this time we have traded the bull and bear markets in gold, the current and long term rally in US equities, fluctuations in volatility, and have made money on each. We have traded European equities to make a quick profit as they rallied on the announcement of ECB QE. The SK OptionTrader service has been able to do this because our rules for trading and our methods for market analysis are broad based with diverse applications. This means we are not locked in to trading a single market and can change our view on that market when necessary.

We will therefore continue to trade and hope to continue to generate profits from these trades. We look forward to extending our current win streak of 50 trades. To improving upon our 1038.74% return since inception. To building on our annualized return of 55.03%. To raising our win rate above its current 90.74%.

If you want to see what the next 50 trades will bring, all you have to do is join the winning team.

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