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New Service Reaches 19.23% Cumulative Return After 10 Trades

At the end of January we launched a new model based trading service, Capital Momentum, and are pleased to announce that it has got off to a successful start closing 10 trades for a cumulative return of 19.23%.

There are two main differences between Capital Momentum and our flagship service SK Option Trader.

Firstly, Capital Momentum is purely a quantitative trading operative. Our other service, SK Option Trader, makes trades based on our view on markets built from fundamental and technical analysis, as well as weighing up risk reward dynamics. However, these views are not incorporated into Capital Momentum.

Secondly, Capital Momentum does not trade options, only ETFs/ETNs. As such the return per trade is smaller due to lower levels of leverage. However Capital Momentum will typically have a higher turnover of trades.

A summary of the trades Capital Momentum has executed since its launch its shown below, with 3 losing trades and 10 winning ones.

Capital Momentum is focused on trading equity index and commodity ETFs across a wide range of international markets.

Currently we are offering subscriptions at just $99 for 3 months, so if you would like to give Capital Momentum a go please click below to sign up.


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