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SK OptionTrader Closes to New Subscribers in Less Than 10 Days

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Since inception its inception in August 2009 the SK OptionTrader model portfolio has returned a massive 1358.82% profit, boasting an annualized return of 52.31%.

To date we have closed 182 trades with a 91.21% win rate, with more than 10 of those wining trades having at least doubled in value. We have outperformed gold, the S&P 500, and the Barclay Hedge Fund Index more than 10 times over!

How is it that we have been able to generate such incredible returns? Careful timing and tailored trading strategies. The clearest example of these in action are on one of our previous Hecla Mining trades.

We held the view that Hecla Mining was heavily overvalued when it was trading above $5 in February 2013 and that it was likely to fall towards $4 in the near term. We therefore looked to short the company, but a direct short held poor risk reward dynamics. We would have made meagre gains of only 20% if we were right, whereas we risked unlimited losses.

Our view was that HL would fall rapidly in the near term, which led us to put options on HL. These allowed us to tailor our position to directly reflect our view. September ’13 HL puts with a $4 strike offered limited risk with potentially massive upside suited our view perfectly. So we waited until Hecla Mining began to break lower, meaning our predicted drop was imminent, and then signalled our subscribers to buy these puts.

As the above graph shows, the trade returned an enormous 212.50%. This meant that we outperformed a direct short trade more than 10 times over as we tripled our investment in less than three weeks.

The accuracy involved in this trade, the tailored nature of the position, are applied throughout our portfolio. This has allowed us to ensure that our risk is always prudently managed, ensuring that any risks we take on are always justified. Consequently, our model portfolio has grown 14 times its original size.

Owing to this immense success the demand for our services have steadily increased. At a given number of subscribers the quality of our services would become diluted, and therefore we are closing our doors to new clients to ensure that this standard can be maintained. The currently increasing rate at which demand is increasing indicates that we will have reached our subscriber limit by February 20th, if not sooner.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

Subscribe for 12 months- $799

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