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New Options Trading Service Launched!

Hello and welcome to the launch of our premium options trading service: OPTIONTRADER! In all investing and trading at the end of the day it comes down to the bottom line, so here is ours for the first two months of 2009:

We like to keep it short and sweet; the company the options were traded in, the gross profit and the time between opening and closing the trades:

Bank of America – 30% in 9 days

Bank of America – 26.72% in 3 days.

US Bancorp – 11.59% in 3 days.

Suntrust Banks – 10.65% in 8 days.

Bank of America – 28.5% in 3 days.

Citigroup – 22.92% in 1 day.

US Bancorp – 13.38% in 5 days.

That’s an average return of 20.5% in less than 5 days!

It is these type of moves, and more importantly this performance, that we hope to replicate in a new premium options trading letter, OPTIONTRADER.

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As a paid subscriber to OPTIONTRADER you will receive:

- Real time trading signals, in sync with our own options trading portfolio via email directly to you

- Signals will be sent as and when we see fit, there could be three in a week, or none for three weeks, our focus is on sending actionable information to subscribers, getting trades right and making money

- Specific BUY and SELL signals, (not ambiguous suggestions), detailed what to buy, sell, when, how, why and how much capital to risk in each trade

- Explanation of our trading strategies - A monthly letter summarising our performance for the month

- An annual report giving an overview of our performance for the year

The current market environment makes formulating investment strategy difficult, as long or short positions can be severely hampered by large unpredictable swings in the market. However, by utilising the volatility in the markets, we can profit from swings up or down using our options strategies. For example, say you’re option trading portfolio was $5,000, and you put $1000 into each of our trades this year, you would have made just over $1437 profit, without reinvesting your profits! Relative to the size of your options trading portfolio you are already up 28.74%, in just over 2 months which is an annual rate of over 170% per year! OPTIONTRADER 5KPERFChart

To receive our options trading signals please sign up to OPTIONTRADER for just $99 for 6 months or only $179 for a full year.

You will receive trading signals via email as soon as we trade, in sync with our options trading portfolio, explanation of our trading strategies as well as monthly and annual reports.  

All this for just $99!  

Even with a $5000 portfolio you could’ve paid for your subscription nearly 15 times over so far this year!  

So sign up now below!

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